Askur AS
Converting from oil to gas

Askur uses heat in the drying process

Askur was established to use the resources others did not want – cod heads from the Barents Sea. At the plant in Kvalsund cod heads, back bones and trimmings from fish from the Barents Sea is dried, packed and shipped to Nigeria, where they form a nutritious part of the diet.

Askur converts to gas
In the beginning the drying process was done using oil burners that produces hot air. Askur, however, wished to use a cleaner and less expensive energy source and the choice fell on natural gas.

Replacing the oil burner with a gas burner, a relatively simple operation. In addition, Barents NaturGass established a LNG storage tank outside the Askur factory. Barents NaturGass monitors the tank electronically and fills up the tank when needed, normally once a week.

About the LNG facility
Askur uses about 7GWh per year. The tank is relatively small, only 35m3. It means that it has to be refilled often, often 1-2 times per week depending on the season. With only 15 km of transport route from the LNG, this is a cost-effective solution.

Reduced emissionsEmissions from the company is significantly reduced because of the conversion. Local emissions of sulphide and dust/particles is eliminated while nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by 75%. In addition CO2 emissions are reduced by 25%.

“We chose natural gas because it was effective, had low emissions and gave us much lower energy prices.”Ríkharður Jónasson, CEO

Kundecase ASKUR

About the project
Conversion from oil to natural gas

Project start: 09.11.2009
Where: Kvalsund municipality

Askur dries bi-products from all kinds of white fish

“Barents NaturGass fixed everything and we could concentrate on our own production process"

Ríkharður Jónasson, CEO

Gains from using Natural Gas in the drying process

Economical gain
Economic savings on energy procurement are around 10%

Operational gain
Spends less time and money on maintenance of burner

Environmental gain
Less emissions, both locally and globally

The goal of converting
To reduce energy costs and get a more environmentally friendly operation

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