Delivery Chain

Barents NaturGass sources LNG from multiple locations based on the end customers location. We choose the most cost-effective solution for you.

Southern Scandinavia and Europe
For our customers based in Southern Scandinavia and Europe we most often choose to source LNG from Gate-terminal in Rotterdam, Zeebrügge in Belguim or Klaipedia in Lithuania. Our partnership with Broadview Energy Solutions ensures effective deliveries from all these locations. LNG from European terminals are delivered on ISO-Containers to a port or train station close to the customer. We use local transporters to bring the container to the customers location where we also make sure that qualified personnel are ready to transfer the LNG to the customers facility.

Northern Scandinavia
The production facility of Snøhvit Unit on Melkøya in Hammerfest, Norway is our sourcing point for customers in Northern Scandinavia. We use vacuum-isolated semi-trailers that are transported directly to our customers. Hoyer Transport Norway has LNG trained drivers that handle the transport as well as operates the transfer to our customers facility.

Bunkering to ships
We can deliver LNG in most ports in Scandinavia and Europe. Our trained organization will find a suitable port and we can deliver LNG from Trailers, ISO-container or a combination based on availability and the customer’s needs.

Bunkering Facilities in ports
Barents NaturGass currently operates three bunkering facilites in ports where demand is high. The bunkering facilities has high pump and storage capacity that allow faster bunkering and larger ships. Barents NaturGass will continuously monitor the LNG levels in the tanks so that LNG always are available for ships in these ports. Ships will store their own LNG onboard and use their internal systems to vaporize the LNG before use.

Local facilities
When the customer is stationary, i.e. a factory, biogas-vendor or industrial business we will deliver LNG to a local Gas facility. This consists of a vacuum insulated tank, evaporator, pipes, valves and control system. From this facility underground pipes will bring the gas to the customers infrastructure. Normally Barents NaturGass builds and operates the system so that our customers can focus on their core business.

Drivers and bunkering personnel
All our drivers and bunkering personnel are qualified and certified through our class leading LNG training program. All personnel are regularly trained in HSE exercises and LNG procedures.

The price of LNG/Natural gas
The price of LNG/Natural gas are normally based on TTF (European pipeline gas) or Gasoil (defined oil-standard) in addition to transportation and other running costs.