Natural Gas is a cost effective and environment friendly alternative

Operational Benefits

Converting to natural gas reduces maintenance in boilers and engines.
Natural gas is clean burning.

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Environmental Benefits

Changing from any fossil fuel to Natural Gas contributes to a better climate and lower emissions, globally and locally

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Cost Effectiveness

Natural gas is affordable and reliable energy and lower emissions results in our customers saving taxes as well

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SIMON MØKSTER SHIPPING AS: “As a shipowner, we need to use a LNG vendor with large flexibility and guaranteed deliveries”Anne Jorunn Møkster, CEO

Usages for Natural Gas

Natural Gas for Industries

Natural gas is often used as process heat in industries that need steam, drying or hot air. Natural gas is used as a replacement for oil or coal

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Natural Gas for Transport

Biogas and natural gas is used as fuel for vehicles. Using natural gas as a direct or backup fuel provides availability and price security

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LNG for Shipping

We deliver LNG to ships and vessels anywhere in Europe. LNG have large environmental benefits and is cheaper than Marine Gasoil

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LNG is better for the environment


CO2 Emissions reduced by
NOx Emissions, reduced up to
Dust and Particles reduced by
Sulphate reduced by
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