Operational advantages

Natural gas is a clean-burning source of energy with easy regulation. Less need for maintenance and fast and simple delivery process. This combined give our customers several advantages compared to other energy solutions.

Economic benefits through maintenance advantages
Using natural gas as energy source reduces maintenance in boilers and engines significantly. Natural gas has unique operational advantages, it burns clean and have minimal blackening by soot and low emission of dust/particles. This reduces the frequency of maintenance stops significantly. This is an important cost reducing factor for our customers, also the use of natural gas could eliminate the need for redundant/backup solutions.

Better regulation options
Natural gas has far better regulation options and control of the combustion process compared to oil. Better regulation reduces over-consumption of energy and could give large economic benefits. Natural gas is especially beneficial in businesses with high fluctuations in production and energy consumption.

Simple delivery
Most of our customers choose to let Barents NaturGass handle the LNG infrastructure. We continuously monitor the stock and gas consumption to make sure that there always is plenty of gas available. Our customers can focus on their core business and not worry about energy. Access to monitoring and gas levels could be given if you want/need this. An example could be to analyse the relationship between production and energy consumption.

Cost effective billing model
Customers in infrastructure we operate have no costs for storage of LNG. Our normal payment model is that consumption is measured as it is consumed by the customer. This is normally postponement invoiced monthly.