Natural Gas – a cost effective energy source

Using natural gas as an energy source may positively impact costs compared to both electricity and other fossil fuels.

Four cost benefits

There are mainly four advantages that make natural gas and LNG more cost effective than alternative energy sources. For our customers a low cost level is the main reason to choose energy solutions from Barents NaturGass. The four benefits are: Low investments, low energy price, lower taxes and fees as well as our advantageous payment model.

1. Low investment costs
Changing to natural gas is often not connected to any significant investment costs. Depending on the existing equipment you may need to change the burner or adjust the existing burner. We will advise you on what to do in the delivery specifications.

Most often our customers choose for Barents NaturGass to build, operate and own the LNG plant on your location. With our long experience we have developed good and cost effective solutions for customer plants to keep investments low.

2. Lower energy price

Taking advantage of our effective transport and minimal storage costs results in low energy costs for our customers. The energy cost of LNG/natural gas per kWh varies on a monthly basis and is normally lower than alternative energy from the grid or oil, coal and other gases.

3. Lower taxes and fees

Using natural gas as your energy source provides large environmental benefits when compared to using oil and other fossil fuels. Compared to light fuel oil there is a reduction in emissions of CO2 by about 25% and NOX by about 90%. There is no emissions of dust or particles from the burning process. This leads to lower taxes, fees and penalties from the government for emissions.

Natural gas is also fully interchangeable with bio-gas. This allow our customers to achieve a full or partially renewable process by mixing natural gas with bio-gas if bio-gas should be available in large quantities.

4. Beneficial payment model

Barents NaturGass philosophy is that our customers should experience using natural gas as easy as using electricity. This imply that you use the energy you need to the production and thereafter receive a postponement invoice for the consumed energy. Our customers do not pay for LNG that is stored on the customers location. The price of the energy is the same for the whole month and is adjusted monthly in accordance to the agreed price model.

Take advantage of our effective transport solutions and minimal storage costs

Alternative 1:
Barents NaturGass standard solutions; Barents NaturGass builds and runs facilities so that our customers can focus on their core business

Alternative 2:
The customer builds and operates the facility – Barents NaturGass deliver LNG on request

Using Natural Gas reduces emissions



NOx, approx.




Dust and particles


More advantages with Natural Gas