Company information

About our company
Barents NaturGass AS is a Scandinavian gas company that sell and distribute natural gas and LNG. Common uses are industrial processes, ships and vessels, cars, trucks and buses, central heating systems for commercial use or residential areas. You can read more about the different uses by browsing our site.

Founded in 2005 we built northern Norway’s first LNG-terminal in 2006. Barents NaturGass normally builds owns and run all our installations and delivery chain until the gas is consumed by the customer. This makes the change easy for companies that look for a more competitive and environmental friendly energy solutions.

Our vision 
We aspire to be the leading company in the Barents region for supply, distribution and sales of natural gas and LNG. Barents NaturGass builds long term values through construction and ownership of natural gas infrastructure.

Our background
Barents NaturGass AS established 31th of Mars 2005 as a direct follower of Barents Naturgass DA established December 2003. The completion of Hammerfest LNG made natural gas available in northern Norway and provided a platform for our business.

Ownership information
Broadview Energy Solutions (BES) 100 %

Barents Natugass is owned by Broadview Energy Solutions BV. Broadview Energy Solutions distribute LNG in Central Europe and Barents NaturGass is responsible for the Nordic Market. Barents NaturGass rents containers from Broadview Energy Solutions and cooperate on technical and practical solutions for LNG deliveries. We also cooperate on safety, operating procedures and readiness. Broadview Energy Solutions have contracts with different European producers and ports that ensures delivery and price safety for our customers.