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Strength through great partnerships

Broadview Energy Solutions BV:
Barents NaturGass rents containers from Broadview Energy Solutions. Barents NaturGass also collaborates with Broadview Energy Solutions on technical and practical solutions for LNG deliveries. We also cooperate on safety, operating procedures and readiness. Broadview Energy Solutions distributes LNG in Central Europe.

Broadview Energy Solutions has long-term agreements on LNG purchases with various LNG manufactures in Europe that Barents NaturGass also are able to benefit from. Broadview Energy Solutions owns 100% of Barents NaturGass

Long-term supplier agreements

Hoyer Group Norway AS
Barents NaturGass has a long-term agreement on purchase of transport services with Hoyer. Hoyer is responsible for general training, follow-up and certification of drivers, while Barents NaturGass contributes with special LNG competence and readiness.

Barents NaturGass has a long-term agreement on purchases of LNG from Equinor from the Snow-White LNG plant in Hammerfest.

Intergas AS
Barents NaturGass has a long-term agreement with Intergas AS for the supervision and maintenance of all cryogenic equipment, and collaborates with Barents NaturGass on the development of new technical solutions.