Lower burn value for different fuels

Natural Gas
13,0 kWh/kg
12,7 kWh/kg
Light Fuel Oil
11,9 kWh/kg
7,9 kWh/kg
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Plant with CO2 emissions

Environmental benefits

Changing from any fossil fuel to Natural Gas contributes to a better climate and lower emissions, globally and locally

CO2 Emissions are reduced by about 25 % compared to gas, diesel, marin gas oil (MGO) and light fuel oil. In addition there is a reduction in NOx emissions by 75% to 90%. Emissions of particles and sulphide is almost eliminated.


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Operational advantages

Converting to natural gas reduces maintenance in burners and kettles

Natural gas is a clean burning fuel. Our customers experience reduced maintenance and lower operating cost due to elimination of blackening

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Cost effectiveness

Lower fees and taxes
Lower energy price

In addition to a low and stable energy price, natural gas gives a large environmental benefit that lead to lower taxes and fees

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