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22. May 2023

Rå Biopark with billion-deal on biogas in the north

Smiles all around from the management of both Rå Biopark and Barents NaturGass when the Letter Of Intent for the sale and distribution of biogas was signed in Hammerfest. The deal could potentially be worth 1.2 billion NOK.
– This is a milestone for North-Norwegian businesses. The cooperation between us and Barents NaturGass is not only a long-term agreement on the sale and distribution of the biogas produced, but also a significant contribution to the green shift in the north.
– The deal with Barents NaturGass is a confirmation that Rå Biopark is a good project and that we now are very close to realizing a large renewable energy adventure, says CEO Sigve Daae Rasmussen in Rå Biopark.

22.05.2023 Press release

Gudrun Rollefsten and Mr Terje Søviknes

Rå Biopark, that will produce biogas equivalent to 5 million liters of diesel from food waste and other biowaste, have made a Letter of Intent on sale and distribution with Barents NaturGass with a potential value of 1,2 billion NOK. From the left Simon Ford (CTO, Rå Biopark), Stig Ove Hjelmevoll (HSEQ Manager, Barents NaturGass), Mikael Rikstad Iversen (Sales Manager, Barents NaturGass), Sigve Daae Rasmussen (CEO, Rå Biopark) and Frank Tony Arnesen (COO, Barents NaturGass)

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Mr Terje Søviknes opens the facility

Sales manager Mikael Rikstad Iversen in Barents NaturGass and CEO in Rå Biopark, Sigve Daae Rasmussen, is very pleased with the agreement of sale and distribution of biogas worth 1.2 billion NOK.

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mr Terje Søviknes speaks

Smiles all around as the Letter of Intent on sale and distribution of biogas was signed. From the left – Sigve Daae Rasmussen (CEO, Rå Biopark), Stig Ove Hjelmevoll (HSEQ Manager, Barents NaturGass), Simon Ford (CTO, Rå Biopark), Mikael Rikstad Iversen (Sales Manager, Barents NaturGass).

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04. June 2017

Swedgas and Barents NaturGass has entered a contract of deliveries to a new bunkering facility in the port of Gothenburg

Nordic gas companies, Swedegas and Barents NaturGass, have signed an agreement to deliver liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a bunkering facility in the Port of Gothenburg.

The infrastructure company Swedegas, which will own and operate the facility, and the Norwegian company Barents NaturGass, will supply the LNG with ISO-containers from main European terminals, Swedegas said in a statement.

Construction of the Gothenburg’s first LNG bunkering facility at the Energy Port has been in progress since the winter and the facility is expected to become operational in August this year.

Swedegas added the facility could be expanded over time in line with the market growth and is also ready for the supply of biogas.

Speaking of the agreement, Gudrun Rollefsen, CEO of Barents NaturGass, said, “Gothenburg-based shipping companies have been amongst the first to adopt LNG in Sweden. Several vessels have already been built and launched which are ready to run on LNG. We are keen to start our LNG supply services and meet the customer’s needs.”

24.04.2017 Press release in Swedish

24. april 2017

Norways largest dedicated bunkering facility for LNG opens in Hammerfest

Minister of Oil and Energy, mr Terje Søviknes today opened Barents NaturGass bunkering faclility for LNG on Polarbase in Hammerfest today. Through this facility ships and vessels moving up the Norwegian coast, in the Barents Sea or through the northern sea-route have easy access to LNG. A fuel with large environmental benefits.

24.04.2017 Press release in Norwegian

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