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Delivery Chain

Barents NaturGass sources LNG from different vendors depending on the customers location. We choose the most cost effective solution so that our customers gets the best available price


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Natural Gas for Industries

Natural Gas is a cheaper and environment friendly alternative when you need steam, drying or heat

Our standard solution is to take responsibility for investing and running the LNG and natural gas facility, internal adaptations is done by the customer


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LNG for Shipping

We deliver LNG to ships from tank-trucks and containers or from one of our dedicated bunkering facilities

Barents NaturGass is a leading player on both speed and safety. We can deliver LNG to your ship almost anywhere and we operate dedicated facilities where we have frequent customers


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Natural Gas for Transport

Natural Gas is ideal as back-up and delivery security for bio gas in the transport business

Barents NaturGass delivers natural gas as back-up to multiple bio gas facilities. We build and operate a normal LNG to Natural Gas facility that allow the customer to mix or change fuel if needed.